Межлабораторный семинар ИМКБ: Мошкин ЮМ, доклад “Neuronal trafficking and cellular interactions of nanoparticles”

Мошкин Юрий Михайлович (PhD, ИЦиГ, ИМКБ)

Доклад “Neuronal trafficking and cellular interactions of nanoparticles” 

Nanoparticles are capable of penetrating brain, but little is known about their neuronal trafficking and the way they interact with intracellular proteome. We quantified neuronal trafficking of manganese oxide nanoparticles by MRI from olfactory neurons and showed that they are capable of reaching deep brain structures following olfactory neuronal tract. Our results revealed that accumulation rates of nanoparticles are in line with fast axonal transport, while their elimination is much slower. Accumulation of nanoparticles drops exponentially down the olfactory neuronal tract suggesting that synaptic transmission confers a significant barrier for nanoparticles’ neuronal transmission. Next, we assessed intracellular targets for nanoparticles and showed that inorganic nanoparticles associate with low-complexity, intrinsically disordered proteins from human cells. Intrinsic protein disorder associates with structural mobility suggesting that side-chain flexibility plays an important role in driving protein-nanoparticle interactions. Disordered proteins are represented by a diverse group of RNA-binding proteins, which under stress form hydrogel-like cellular stress granules. Thus, we propose that within a cell nanoparticles might trigger a range of cellular responses by catalyzing stress granules assembly.


Конференц-зал ИМКБ СО РАН (Новосибирск, проспект Академика Лаврентьева, д. 8/2)

10 февраля 2017 г., 14:00