Laboratory of Plant Cytology and Apomixis

Sokolov Victor
Head of the Laboratory

      Name Position Academic
thomson_logo.gif scopus_logo.jpg   Sokolov Victor head DSc (Biology) sokolovatmcb [dot] nsc [dot] ru
  scopus_logo.jpg   Abdyrakhmanova Elvira research fellow    
thomson_logo.gif scopus_logo.jpg Panikhin Pavel junior research fellow   panikhinatmcb [dot] nsc [dot] ru
      Kuzmina Natalia engineer    
      Kotsyuba Artem lab technician    
      Lisitsyna Kristina lab technician    
      Lisitsyna Natalia lab technician    
      Kharlamova Svetlana lab technician    
      Blinov Alexander part-time research fellow PhD (Biology)  
      Bykov Roman part-time research fellow PhD (Biology)  
      Ermakov Anton part-time research fellow    
      Konopatskaya Irina part-time junior research fellow    

Former research workers

Belova Irina, PhD
Kholodar Alexey, PhD
Tarakanova Tatiana, PhD

Recent publications: 
  1. Sebezhko OI, Petukhov VL, Sokolov VA, Korotkevich OS, Kamaldinov EV, Syso AI, Konovalova TV, Marmuleva NI, Narozhnykh KN, Barinov EY, Osadchuk LV. Comparative assessment of radioactive strontium and cesium contents in the feedstuffs and dairy products from various regions of Western Siberia. Res J Pharm Biol Chem Sci 8(3): 1753-1759, 2017

  2. Syso AI, Sokolov VA, Petukhov VL, Lebedeva MA, Cherevko AS, Sebezhko OI, Konovalova TV, Korotkevich OS, Narozhnykh KN, Kamaldinov EV. Ecological and biogeochemical evaluation of elements content in soils and fodder grasses of the agricultural lands of Siberia. J Pharm Sci Res 9(4): 368-374, 2017

  3. Ran L, Li M, Fan HX, Jiang JJ, Wang YP, Sokolov V. Epigenetic variation in the callus of Brassica napus under different inducement conditions. Rus J Genet 52(8): 802–809, 2016

  4. Jiang J, Wang Y, Xie T, Shi X, Wang YP, Sokolov V. DNA methylation analysis during the optimization of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of soybean. Генетика 52: 66-73, 2016

  5. Shavrukov Y, Sokolov V. Maize-gamagrass interspecific hybrid, Zea mays × Tripsacum dactyloides, shows better salinity tolerance and higher Na+ exclusion than Maize and Sorghum. Int J Latest Res Sci Tech (IJLRST) 4: 128-133, 2015

  6. Sokolov VA, Savel’ev NI, Goncharov NP. I.V. Michurin’s work on expansion of the plant horticulture assortment and improvement of food quality. Proc Latvian Acad Sci. Section B. 69(4): 190-197, 2015

  7. Gao Y, Ran L, Kong Y, Jiang J, Sokolov V, Wang Y. Assessment of DNA methilation changes in tissue culture of Brassica napus. Генетика 50: 1338-1344, 2014

  8. Fan Y, Du K, Gao Y, Kong Y, Chu C, Sokolov V, Wang Y. Transformation of LTP gene into Brassica napus to enhance its resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Генетика 49: 439-447, 2013

  9. Jiang J, Wang J, Li A, Zhang Y, Sokolov V, Wang Y. Proteomic differences in seed filling between yellow-seeded progeny of Brassica napus-Sinapis alba and black-seeded parent B. napus. Генетика 48: 480-487, 2012