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Alexey V. Pindyurin

Group leader
e-mail: a [dot] pindyurinatmcb [dot] nsc [dot] ru

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Date and place of birth

31.08.1976 Novosibirsk, Russia


Education and research experience

1998 – Master degree in Biology, Novosibirsk State University, Russia

1998-2000 – Graduate student, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia

2000-2003 – Graduate student, Department of Zoology and Animal Biology, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

2003-2007 – Research associate, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia

2008 – PhD degree in Biology (project title: “The Drosophila melanogaster Suppressor of UnderReplication protein: distribution in chromosomes and interactions with other proteins”), Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, Russia

2008-2013 – Post-doc, Division of Gene Regulation, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2013-2014 – Post-doc, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Novosibirsk, Russia

2014 – Group leader, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Novosibirsk, Russia


Other experience

2001 – Visiting scholar. Ateliers de formation INSERM n 128. “Mapping protein/DNA interactions by cross-linking and immuno-FISH methods”. Theoretical and practical course. Institut de Genetique Humaine, Montpellier, France

2004 – Visiting scientist. Institute of Molecular Genetics, Moscow, Russia

2004-2005 – Visiting scientist. European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany

2005 – Visiting scientist. Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow, Russia

2005 – Visiting scientist. Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2006 – Visiting scientist. Division of Cell and Molecular Biology, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

2007 – Visiting scientist. Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2008 – Visiting scholar. Special course “Analysis of microarray gene expression data”. Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands



2009 – The European Academy (Academia Europaea) Prize for young Russian scientists


Area of interest

Gene expression, chromosomes, DNA replication, chromatin, cell nucleus, nuclear lamina, cell cycle, mitosis, cell division


List of publications

Katokhin AV, Pindyurin AV, Fedorova EV, Baricheva EM. Molecular genetic analysis of the Drosophila melanogaster Trithorax-like gene coding for the GAGA transcription factor. Russ J Genet 37(4): 467-474, 2001

Kolesnikova TD, Andreeva EN, Pindyurin AV, Ananko NG, Belyakin SN, Shloma VV, Yurlova AA, Makunin IV, Pokholkova GV, Volkova EI, Zarutskaya EA, Kokoza EB, Semeshin VF, Belyaeva ES, Zhimulev IF. Contribution of the SuUR gene to the organization of epigenetically repressed regions of Drosophila melanogaster chromosomes. Russ J Genet 42(8): 831-844, 2006 

Pindyurin AV, Moorman C, de Wit E, Belyakin SN, Belyaeva ES, Christophides GK, Kafatos FC, van Steensel B, Zhimulev IF. SUUR joins separate subsets of PcG, HP1 and B-type lamin targets in DrosophilaJ Cell Sci 120(14): 2344-2351, 2007

Pindyurin AV, Boldyreva LV, Shloma VV, Kolesnikova TD, Pokholkova GV, Andreyeva EN, Kozhevnikova EN, Ivanoschuk IG, Zarutskaya EA, Demakov SA, Gorchakov AA, Belyaeva ES, Zhimulev IF. Interaction between the Drosophila heterochromatin proteins SUUR and HP1. J Cell Sci 121(10): 1693-1703, 2008

Zhimulev IF, Belyaeva ES, Andreenkova NG, Andreeva EN, Belyakin SN, Boldyreva LV, Brusentsova IV, Volkova EI, Demakov SA, Demakova OV, Zarutskaya EA, Zykov IA, Kokoza EB, Kolesnikova TD, Komor UA, Koryakov DE, Makunin IV, Pindyurin AV, Pokholkova GV, Semeshin VF, Shloma VV, Yurlova AA. SuUR gene – a unique instrument for the study of structure and organization of Drosophila chromosomes and genome. VOGiS Herald 12(1/2): 127-148, 2008 (in Russian)

Andreyenkova NG, Kokoza EB, Semeshin VF, Belyaeva ES, Demakov SA, Pindyurin AV, Andreyeva EN, Volkova EI, Zhimulev IF. Localization and characteristics of DNA underreplication zone in the 75C region of intercalary heterochromatin in Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes. Chromosoma 118(6): 747-761, 2009 

Fedorova EV, Pindyurin AV, Baricheva EM. Maintenance of the patterns of expression of homeotic genes in the development of Drosophila melanogaster by proteins of the Polycomb, trithorax, and ETP Groups. Russ J Genet 45(10): 1145-1161, 2009 

Zhimulev IF, Belyaeva ES, Andreeva EN, Andreenkova NG, Babenko VN, Belyakin SN, Boldyreva LV, Brusentsova IV, Demakov SA, Demakova OV, Zykov IA, Kokoza EB, Kolesnikova TD, Maksimov DA, Makunin IV, Pindyurin AV, Semeshin VF, Khoroshko VA. Intercalary Heterochromatin in the Genome of DrosophilaRuss J Genet 46(10): 1240-1242, 2010 

Pindyurin AV, van Steensel B. Hox in space: Gene cluster regulation linked to folding of chromatin. Nucleus 3(2): 118-122, 2012

Kozhevnikova EN, van der Knaap JA, Pindyurin AV, Ozgur Z, van Ijcken WF, Moshkin YM, Verrijzer CP. Metabolic enzyme IMPDH is also a transcription factor regulated by cellular state. Mol Cell 47(1): 133-139, 2012

Akhtar W*, de Jong J*, Pindyurin AV*, Pagie L, Meuleman W, de Ridder J, Berns A, Wessels LF, van Lohuizen M, van Steensel B. Chromatin position effects assayed by thousands of reporters integrated in parallel. Cell 154(4): 914-927, 2013
*equal contribution

Akhtar W*, Pindyurin AV*, de Jong J, Pagie L, ten Hoeve J, Berns A, Wessels LF, van Steensel B, van Lohuizen M. Using TRIP for genome-wide position effect analysis in cultured cells. Nature Protoc 9(6): 1255-1281, 2014
*equal contribution

Nordman JT, Kozhevnikova EN, Verrijzer CP, Pindyurin AV, Andreyeva EN, Shloma VV, Zhimulev IF, Orr-Weaver TL. DNA copy number control through inhibition of replication fork progression. Cell Rep 9(3): 841-849, 2014

Pokholkova GV, Koryakov DE, Pindyurin AV, Kozhevnikova EN, Belyakin SN, Andreyenkov OV, Belyaeva ES, Zhimulev IF. Tethering of SUUR and HP1 proteins results in delayed replication of euchromatic regions in Drosophila melanogaster polytene chromosomes. Chromosoma 124(2): 209-220, 2015

Pindyurin AV, de Jong J, Akhtar W. TRIP through the chromatin: A high throughput exploration of enhancer regulatory landscapes. Genomics 106(3): 171-177, 2015

Pindyurin AV, Gatti M. Chromosomes in the taiga. Chromosome Res 23(4): 641-647, 2015

Pindyurin AV, Pagie L, Kozhevnikova EN, van Arensbergen J, van Steensel B. Inducible DamID systems for genomic mapping of chromatin proteins in DrosophilaNucleic Acids Res 44(12): 5646-5657, 2016

Pavlova GA, Galimova JA, Popova JV, Munzarova AF, Razuvaeva AV, Alekseeva AL, Berkaeva MB, Pindyurin AV, Somma MP, Gatti M, Renda F. Factors governing the pattern of spindle microtubule regrowth after tubulin depolymerization. Tsitologiya 58(4): 299-303, 2016

Andreyeva EN, Pechkovsky EV, Pindyurin AV, Gatti M. Pathways of spindle formation in Drosophila mitotic and meiotic cells. Tsitologiya 58(4): 295-298, 2016

Strunov A, Boldyreva LV, Pavlova GA, Pindyurin AV, Gatti M, Kiseleva E. A simple and effective method for ultrastructural analysis of mitosis in Drosophila S2 cells. MethodsX 3: 551-559, 2016

Boldyreva LV, Goncharov FP, Demakova OV, Zykova TY, Levitsky VG, Kolesnikov NN, Pindyurin AV, Semeshin VF, Zhimulev IF. Protein and genetic composition of four chromatin types in Drosophila melanogaster cell lines. Curr Genomics 18(2): 214-226, 2017 

Pindyurin AV. Genomic mapping of chromatin proteins by using Daminv modification of an FLP-dependent DamID approach. Dokl Biochem Biophys 472(1): 15-18, 2017 

Andreyeva EN, Bernardo TJ, Kolesnikova TD, Lu X, Yarinich LA, Bartholdy BA, Guo X, Posukh OV, Healton S, Willcockson MA, Pindyurin AV, Zhimulev IF, Skoultchi AI, Fyodorov DV. Regulatory functions and chromatin loading dynamics of linker histone H1 during endoreplication in DrosophilaGenes Dev 31: 603-616, 2017

Ilyin AA, Ryazansky SS, Doronin SA, Olenkina OM, Mikhaleva EA, Yakushev EY, Abramov YA, Belyakin SN, Ivankin AV, Pindyurin AV, Gvozdev VA, Klenov MS, Shevelyov YY. Piwi interacts with chromatin at nuclear pores and promiscuously binds nuclear transcripts in Drosophila ovarian somatic cells. Nucleic Acids Res 45(13): 7666-7680, 2017

Pindyurin AV. Genome-wide cell type-specific mapping of in vivo chromatin protein binding using an FLP-inducible DamID system in Drosophila. Functional Genomics. Methods and Protocols. (eds. M Kaufmann, C Klinger, F Savelsbergh). 3rd ed. 392 p. Humana Press, New York, USA. Series volume 1654, 2017. pp. 99-124

La Fortezza M, Grigolon G, Cosolo A, Pindyurin A, Breimann L, Blum H, van Steensel B, Classen A-K. DamID profiling of dynamic Polycomb-binding sites in Drosophila imaginal disc development and tumorigenesis. Epigenetics Chromatin 11: 27, 2018

Strunov A, Boldyreva LV, Andreyeva EN, Pavlova GA, Popova JV, Razuvaeva AV, Anders AF, Renda F, Pindyurin AV, Gatti M, Kiseleva E. Ultrastructural analysis of mitotic Drosophila S2 cells identifies distinctive microtubule and intracellular membrane behaviors. BMC Biol 16: 68, 2018

Ogienko AA, Yarinich LA, Fedorova EV, Lebedev MO, Andreyeva EN, Pindyurin AV, Baricheva EM. New slbo-Gal4 driver lines for the analysis of border cell migration during Drosophila oogenesis. Chromosoma 127(4): 475-487, 2018

Pindyurin AV, Ilyin AA, Ivankin AV, Tselebrovsky MV, Nenasheva VV, Mikhaleva EA, Pagie L, van Steensel B, Shevelyov YY. The large fraction of heterochromatin in Drosophila neurons is bound by both B-type lamin and HP1a. Epigenetics Chromatin 11: 65, 2018

Andreyeva EN, Ogienko AA, Dubatolova TD, Oshchepkova AL, Kozhevnikova EN, Ivankin AV, Pavlova GA, Kopyl SA, Pindyurin AV. A toolset to study functions of Cytosolic non-specific dipeptidase 2 (CNDP2) using Drosophila as a model organism. BMC Genetics 20(Suppl 1): 31, 2019

Gisler S, Gonçalves JP, Akhtar W, de Jong J, Pindyurin AV, Wessels LFA, van Lohuizen M. Multiplexed Cas9 targeting reveals genomic location effects and gRNA-based staggered breaks influencing mutation efficiency. Nature Communications 10: 1598, 2019

Pavlova GA, Razuvaeva AV, Popova JV, Andreyeva EN, Yarinich LA, Lebedev MO, Pellacani C, Bonaccorsi S, Somma MP, Gatti M, Pindyurin AV. The role of Patronin in Drosophila mitosis. BMC Mol Cell Biol 20 (Suppl 1): 7, 2019

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